1535 Khaki Tribal Themes with Roman Glass Pendant

1535 Khaki Tribal Themes with Roman Glass Pendant


Choker, double-layer, adjustable 15.75” to 17.5”. African trade beads, jaspers, sterling beads, and a 2” Roman Glass pendant (care instructions included, see additional info below). Sterling hook clasp and extender chain.

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Roman glass is a result of the artistry and manufacturing during the first and second centuries A.D., meaning these pieces of jewelry are almost 2000 years old!

The sand on the beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean provided the mineral content for some truly spectacular glass sculpting and blowing. Glass in the beginning of the 1st century was very expensive and only owned by the rich. By the middle and end of the century, methods improved and glass became more affordable. It also became used for things like windows and tiles.

The aqua and light green glass are the most common types of glass that has survived over the centuries. Most of this glass is found in shards that has been preserved in warehouses and museums. Examples of Roman Glass have been found in museums and tombs around the world.

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Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

Do not get Roman Glass jewelry wet. The weathering of the glass over time and the glass composition create the beautiful iridescence (the shimmering rainbow-like colors) and light encrustation of the surface of the glass. If the glass gets wet, the encrustation on the surface of the glass will deteriorate and it will no longer have the beautiful iridescence which makes it so desirable as a striking piece of jewelry.

The Roman Glass itself does not need cleaning. Any change that may occur to the piece of Roman Glass is a natural reaction to the environment. It is a natural process that cannot be reversed.

Sterling Silver settings need to be cleaned. The sterling silver pendants should be cleaned using a dry silver cloth. No chemicals or detergents should be used as it might get on the ancient glass. Roman Glass earrings and Roman Glass pendants should be cleaned more often than other Roman Glass Jewelry. If the sterling silver setting gets too oxidized (turns black) it will be difficult to clean without the use of silver cleaner.

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